De Strengholt Group

Founded in 1928 as a publisher of books and magazines in Amsterdam, Strengholt BV transformed over the years into an international media- and entertainment company .

Our core activities are:

  • International exploitation of music rights and
  • International administration of copyrights.
  • Production, publishing, distribution and marketing of media projects.
  • Publication of books, magazines and specials, b-2-b and b-2-c.
  • Development and realization of content and media projects.
  • 3PL logistics

Strengholt is located in the national monument Hofstede “Oud-Bussem”, which dates back to the beginning of 1900, built by the famous Dutch architect K.P.C. the Basel. Until about 1956 the Hofstede served as a model farm for “pure” milk production. In 1969 the Hofstede, now in disrepair, was purchased by Strengholt, who restored and renovated it.


The national monument and its surroundings are open to the public and can be visited via a weekly tour or otherwise. However, specific measures do apply in connection with COVID-19, including group size and number of visitors.

Visitors information number +31 (0)35 695 84 11 (Facility manager Michiel van Eif).